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When and Why Use Psychological Services

For many, the decision to see a psychologist or a psychotherapist is a very important and often a very difficult step in life. The social stigma that seeing a psychologist means that I am crazy or unable to manage my own life can hinder this decision. So, when is it appropriate to use our services?

Personally, I would recommend psychological services to everyone, because I have used and experienced them myself and I know how it has affected and strengthened me in my life. If you are not inclined to this kind of activities or are even opposed to them, let me point out some warning signs indicating that it might be appropriate to seek professional help:

  • Do you suffer from sleeping difficulties, frequent sickness or injuries?
  • Are you experiencing feelings of constant dissatisfaction, inability to rest or difficulty to concentrate?
  • Do you have sudden mood swings?
  • Do you overeat, drink alcohol or use chemical substances?
  • Do you have frequent conflicts with your friends or colleagues?



Sometimes one or two visits are enough to see a change in your life for the better. It really depends on what you need and expect from the service.

You do not need to have a mental disorder to visit a psychologist. Prevention is even more important to handle difficult situations before they develop into a disorder. According to the WHO, up to 20% of the working population suffers from a mental disorder, so these problems are not uncommon, and it is very important to get help.