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Prevention, Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology

Welcome to my website! I’m here to offer help in the field of mental health prevention and psychotherapy. Here, you will find information about the ways I can provide support and help in mental health prevention as well as treatment of mental health disorders. I provide services to people who are feeling troubled or are otherwise mentally unwell.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope while thinking to yourself: “I should be able to handle it”? You may be experiencing feelings of guilt and inadequacy and you may be finding it difficult to ask for help. Alternatively, you may feel that you have everything you need, that everything is working out for you and yet the good feeling is not to be found. Instead, you may be left feeling empty and undone despite having a good job and earning a good salary, having a good partner and healthy children. You don't understand what's going on and keep asking yourself: “Why am I so unhappy?”

You may find yourself in a challenging situation in life and you need to utilize all your skills to cope. It may be a loss of something or somebody, a divorce, or separation, a new job or a promotion at work, a new marriage, a change of environment, conflicts at work or at home, a serious illness of your own or your loved ones. Coping with these situations can be exhausting and after we manage them we often forget to recharge. How to recharge during or after such a difficult period? Are we even aware of what we've been through and how high our expectations of ourselves are? How far do you have to go to allow yourself to rest and recharge your inner batteries? What drives you to go too far?

Psychological counseling and psychotherapy are an opportunity for you to stop and look at what has been happening in your life. You can get a better understanding of how things happen to you, what part you have had in them and possibly find new ways to deal with life situations in the future.